Order of configuration deployment



If this correct order to get a sensu check: set up client.conf on to-be-checked servers with subscriptions 2. add checks and associated subscriptions to sensu server (via github, my file is check_process.json)?

Is this correct order to remove sensu check: remove check/subscription from sensu-server (via github), 2. remove subscriptions from client.json on to-be-checked servers?

Object is to avoid generating tickets, outside of disabling service now handler.

Many thanks!


Personally what I have done to avoid alerts:

  • set handle: false (or create a filter that excludes this from being handled)
  • remove the check from the server + client, restart services
  • remove the check results from the api

This should guarantee that you wont get alerts during removal, there probably are other ways to accomplish it but this is what I have successfully done in the past. Alternatively depending on the check you can set it to thresholds that will never be achievable in the context of a process check you can set the expected matching processes to be 0.