Plugin README standardization project

This quarter, we started a project to help Sensu Community plugins users by making the README documentation clearer and more consistent. We created a style guide for Sensu Community plugin READMEs and submitted PRs to update and standardize the existing Community plugin READMEs. Our updates include describing what the plugin does, adding usage examples and a table of contents, and placing the content in a consistent order. The Load Checks plugin is a good example of the kind of updates we made.

Many of you have shared your plugins on Bonsai to help other users. Of course, clear and consistent documentation goes a long way in making sure other users have a great experience with your code.

So if you think your plugin’s README could use some <3 and you’re open to Sensu staff submitting a PR with some suggestions, please let us know! Just reply here or post in the Community Slack with the Bonsai link for your plugin.

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