Puppet Sensu Module

Anyone here with experience using the puppet sensu module?

I want to use the puppet sensu module to install and manage my sensu but am having problems with trying to add handlers and/or checks.

A while back I re factored my whole puppet environment to use Hiera and I am starting to believe that this may be the reason why I cannot get them to work. However I do not know a way to fix it.

I have followed the documentation online and have tried adding the handler to my node but I always fail.

node avatar-mon01 {

sensu::handler { “default”:

command => ‘mail -s “Test” ops@blah.com’,



I also tried adding it directly to my site.pp file with the same result.

Error: Failed to apply catalog: Could not find dependency File[/etc/sensu/conf.d/handlers] for Sensu_handler[default] at /etc/puppet/environments/qa/modules/sensu/manifests/handler.pp:144

Checks are pretty much giving me the same problem just stating that they could not find the dependency for checks instead of handler.

Error: Failed to apply catalog: Could not find dependency File[/etc/sensu/conf.d/checks] for Sensu_check[diskspace] at /etc/puppet/environments/qa/modules/sensu/manifests/check.pp:120

Anyone have any ideas how I can set these up using hiera? I do not want to have to recreate the my own hiera version of sensu.