Sensu Agent arm_version wrong on Debian Buster Raspberry Pi

I am running a Raspberry Pi 3 with Debian Buster 10.11 (Raspbian) and Sensu Agent 6.5.4 from the official APT repo. All seems well and the agent is connecting to my backend as expected. The problem is that the ARM version is reported to be the value 1476395014. The full set of properties from the agent is.

OS                   linux
Platform             debian 10.11 / debian
Architecture         arm
ARM Version          1476395014
libc Implementation  glibc

This stops the agent from downloading assets correctly, as the value for arm version should be 5, 6 or 7 depending on the PI version. The string might seem like a unix datestamp, and it gives the value Thu Oct 13 2016 21:43:34 GMT+0000, but I don’t know if that is the case or why it is ending up like that?

As I understand it this value is set by the GOARM environment variables. Trying to add GOARM=7 to the EnvironmentFile for the service did not change anything. Any suggestions?

Same issue, did you ever get past this ?

No,vitbhas only gotten worse. Just filed an issue about Inconsistent and wrong arm_version on Rasberry Pi 3/4 devices · Issue #4636 · sensu/sensu-go · GitHub. My workaround is to create my own asset with entity.system.arm_version == …

Just to put an end cap on this conversation.
The fix for this was added into Sensu 6.7.0 release.