Sensu-install for ARMv6 boards

Hi all,
I just installed sensu-go-agent on a old RPI board (Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2, ARMv6), it works and it’s connected to sensu server.
It’s ancient old hardware but it works for basic checks.
In order to install plugins (I always used sensu-install), I cannot find sensu-plugins-ruby package for ARMv6; in community repo I found amd64, i386 and x86_64 versions only.
Are there an easy way to add plugins to this board?
Thanks for any hint.

Hey there. What ruby plugins are you wanting to install? I’d be curious if we’ve got some golang analogs that might do what you need.

Some from sensu-plugins-network-checks, like bin/check-ping.rb and bin/check-ports.rb. It would be a good start.

I don’t know that anyone’s explicitly asked to have an arm version of that asset. I’ve opened an issue for this here: Add arm as build target · Issue #146 · sensu-plugins/sensu-plugins-network-checks · GitHub. Feel free to add any comments to that issue.

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I’m going to be very transparent with you… its going to be much less work for you to just use Sensu ruby plugins as ruby gem packages and install them into your arm system using traditional ruby gem installation methods than to use runtime assets.

The ruby runtime assets makes use of docker inside of GitHub actions, and the entire set of scripts would need to be rebuilt to make use of docker buildx cross compiling to even get any arm target up and running. Possible, but it would most likely need to be a contributed enhancement to the ruby runtime asset. And even then its not clear its something Sensu would want to take on the support burden for in the ruby runtime assets hosted under the sensu/ organization namespace in both GitHub and Docker.