Sensu Go for Ubuntu arm64

These days Arm servers becomes much more common. For example AWS provides Arm instances named m6g instance type whose cost performance is competitive with Intel.

Though Sensu Go already provides official binaries for arm, there’re no Ubuntu packages for arm64 yet. Since our servers use sensu go agent Ubuntu bionic amd64 package, it’s very helpful if arm64 packages are provided.

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We don’t currently have any plans to release packages for arm64 at the moment. That being said, we’ve had growing interest in the arm64 platform so this could change.

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Hi @amdprophet what sort of convincing would it take to release a package for arm64? Do you have a public repo that I can create a PR towards for arm64 builds?


@zfouts we’ve just added arm64 deb packages for Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04. Let me know if you run into any issues!


Thanks ! Giving it a go now.

Worked as expected!! Thank you so much!
amazon-ebs: Preparing to unpack /tmp/sensu_agent.deb …
amazon-ebs: Unpacking sensu-go-agent (5.21.0-14262) …
amazon-ebs: Setting up sensu-go-agent (5.21.0-14262) …