Sensu-agent with huge block io about 200M/S

My agent version is 5.17.
With cgroup resource control with memory 200M, CPU 50%.
But some times when memory reach 200M, The block io is very high.
And I did not see some error.

have your set the cgroup to control to configure block io max bandwidth for the sensu-agent process?
Here’s a reasonable reference: Using cgroups to limit I/O · André Carvalho

Naively, i don’t think bursts of block io reads while agent is accessing cached assets on disk is unexpected. And similarly a burst of block io write activity when an agent first downloads and asset and caches it isn’t unexpected either.

I’m not sure why seeing bursts of io bandwidth of 200 M/S should be a concern, if the kernel allows a process full access to the i/o bandwidth and the bandwidth is available the process is going to use it. If you want to set a maximum block i/o bandwidth there is a cgroup control for that… though how to set it will depend on whether you are using cgroup v1 or v2… the article reference I dropped in above covers the differences, but setting up cgroup particulars is probably a little out of scope for me. Maybe someone else can chime in on that with working cgroup limits for max allowed io bandwidth.

Hope this helps.