Sensu deployed between two different datacenters with different timezones


our company was bought by another big company and as a result, now we are 2 different companies working under the same corporation. As IT department, we deployed sensu to the new infrastructure to keep an eye, monitoring services, et cetera. The point is, our timezone here in AWS IT is UTC meanwhile the timezone in the new IT servers is IST. So, different timezones.

Recently we are getting false positives of keep-alive alerts.

I remember to had some issues in the past related with timezones of different components.

How do you guys deal with it? I mean, I cannot change the current timezone of the new machines (can affect to log system, etc) so…it’s critical to maintain time coherence between all pieces of Sensu:

  • RabbitMQ

  • Redis

  • Sensu Server

  • Sensu clients

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: