Sensu docs digest for October 2020

Welcome to the October docs digest! Sensu 6.1 is here, with important performance and stability gains, improved search syntax and suggestions in the web UI, support for custom secrets engine paths in Vault secrets, and much more. If you’re using Prometheus client libraries to instrument your applications, as of 6.1.0, the Sensu Go agent can scrape and enrich those metrics. We’ve also released 6.1.1 and 6.1.2, with fixes for sensuctl prune and sensuctl dump as well as form validation for subscription names in the web UI.

:wrench: New features in October

  • The Guides section homepage is now the Guides Index, which lists and links to all of the how-to guides throughout the Sensu Go documentation — Read Discourse post

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:package: October releases

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