Sensu Go OSS Dashboard?

I am doing some test with the oss version currently, as my company is a not for profit company and we therefore need to keep costs low.

From what I can read in the feature overview there should be a single dashboard per namespace available in the oss version. Unfortunately I cannot confirm that. Have I done something wrong compiling it? I have followed the following instructions:


It appears that you do have it enabled in the screenshot. If you click where it says rzneo on your screen like this it should show namespaces.


and then should look something like this:


Not really you are always send to the events site


Can you describe what you were expecting to see based on what you read in the feature matrix? I think we probably have some sub-optimal words in the marketing material.

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I would say some kind of dashboard to be honest.

Lets say if we talk about a single-site dashboard, I would expect the one that has disappeared with version 5.20.

Otherwise the multi-site dashboard - which in from my point of view seems to be the one released in version 5.20. Please correct me if I am wrong.

As you can see in my first post there is neither a home nor a dashboard button.

@jspaleta any update on this?


To be clear, the 4 panel summary in the web-ui as of 5.17 and prior was never part of the OSS web-ui “dashboard” client. I think prior to the federated view, this was referred to often as the HUD or homepage.

So as I said, I think the problem here is around the words in the marketing materials. We need to fix the feature matrix to be clearer as “dashboard” has been used in a couple of different ways.

On one hand we’ve been using it quite generally to refer to the embedded “web-ui api client”. As an example, the word “dashboard” is used in configuration keys for the the sensu-backend service to control aspects of that web-ui client. So with that usage in mind, OSS has an embedded web-ui api client (ie the dashboard). In the 5.17 documentation for the dashboard, there’s an effort to point out that the 4 panel homepage view is a commercial feature, while refering to the “Dashboard” as the web-ui client.

On the other hand, we’ve started to very recently refer to the federated view as “a dashboard” in the latest release, calling it as such in the web-ui sidebar menu. A dashboard inside the dashboard, if you will. So that’s the confusion we’ve caused by using the word in a couple of different contexts.

As Caleb posted today, the web-ui itself is going to be separated out as a separate OSS repository instead of being embedded in the OSS sensu-backend. As a result of that, we’ll have to re-work the language in the feature matrix further.

I see… this does not sound very beneficial for the open source version.
Still thanks for your detailed response.

can I ask how you got that UI by following the docs here?

when I follow that for version 6.0 and 6.1 the sensu-backend does not listen on port 3000 at all, even if I explicitly specify it as such in the backend.yml

in order to get any kind of working web UI (minus the promised single site dashboard) I need to follow the extra steps in here

am I following the right procedure or am I doing something wrong?