Sensu Go Product Roadmap

This post was last updated on 7/16/19

In this post, I’ll share upcoming features in both the Sensu open source and licensed products. It’s a living document, so I’ll keep it updated throughout the year — you can refer to the date above to see when it was last updated.

Q3 2019

Here’s our roadmap for Q3 2019:

  • We added resource management for checks and handlers in the web UI in Q2’19, so this quarter we’ll add resource management for filters and mutators*. In terms of mean time to monitored, you can use the web UI to quickly create and manage your resources. This paradigm is helpful for folks who aren’t operators at heart — they can use the web UI instead of sensuctl.
  • Federation* builds on the scalable foundation that we enabled with the PostgreSQL event store in Q2; the next step is being able to support multi-site views* and multi-tenancy in Sensu Go (known as federation in Sensu 1.x). This gives you the single pane of glass for your entire Sensu installation and sites.
  • A redesigned web UI, with a multi-tenant dashboard* (filtering on namespaces), an all namespaces view, and the ability to limit namespace visibility* based on permissions.
  • A backup utility that lets you (in the event something goes down) easily recover your data.
  • OIDC SSO* gives you the ability to use OIDC as your authentication provider.
  • Auto discovery*, including:
    • Cloud platform awareness*, which lets you detect if your monitoring is running in EC2, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, VMware, etc.
    • Cloud platform metadata synchronization*, which lets you add EC2 tags, Kubernetes labels, and Docker labels as Sensu entity labels.

Q4 2019

Here’s our roadmap for Q4 2019 (with more to come!):

  • Hashicorp Vault integration* enables enterprise-level secrets management.
  • The getting started tutorial in the web UI will walk you through setting up your first Sensu workflows and help onboard new team members, so folks can quickly gain value from Sensu.

*This is a license-activated feature. Reach out to us if you’re interested in a demo or a trial license.

Thanks for reading! We’ll continue to update this post and share the latest roadmap in our Community Slack. Please feel free to ping me there (@Anna Plotkin) or leave a comment here with any questions or ideas — we can’t wait to hear what you think.