Sensuctl entity list doesn't return all entities

when I run

sensuctl entity list

I only get a partial list of our entities (42 lines instead of the more than 60 I am expecting). Some of the entities are old servers that have been shutdown a long time ago. Many of the new servers are not showing in the list, even though they have events in

sensuctl event list

How do I get sensctl to list all the entities?


What version of Sensu backend is this?

it was
$ sensu-backend version
sensu-backend version 6.0.0+ee, enterprise edition, build 98694fcc4ee5552bcdd4f394aa39e4f0466cbaf2, built 2020-08-07T19:06:58Z, built with go1.13.15

I have just upgraded to 6.2.7 , but still seeing the same behavior


I’m trying to remember if this was a bug in 6.0.0 or not.

One last configuration thing. Are you running with full administration RBAC privledges for this cluster?
I haven’t tested it this specific scenario yet, but it might be possible to construct cluster-role or namespace specific role rules that would prevent you from seeing a subset of entities but still see the events.

Thanks @jspaleta, the version number was a great prompt :slight_smile:

Looks like we did not run the sensu-backend upgrade command after we moved from ver 5 to ver 6

I have now run that and I get a full list of entities.


great, yeah that jump across major versions required an one time upgrade step.