Entities do not show up in UI as per namespace but sensuctl shows entities correctly

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I have multiple agents connected to the backend with events and checks configured which are behaving as expected. When i add namespace to the agent.yml configuration, the checks move from default namespace to the new namespace on the UI but the entities are not seen as expected in the new namespace.

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Sensu-backend, agent and sensuctl are all (devel)+ce, community edition, built with go1.13 on CentOS 7 machines on AWS.

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My agent configuration is

  - webserver
  - system
  - all
  - "ws://<REDACTED>:8081"
name: "sensu-agent-01"
namespace: "nonprod"

My sensuctl output for entities is as follows

# sensuctl entity list --namespace default
              ID                Class    OS                          Subscriptions                                   Last Seen
 ───────────────────────────── ─────── ─────── ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ───────────────────────────────
  <REDACTED>   agent   linux   webserver,windows,all,entity:<REDACTED>   2020-06-30 18:30:53 +0000 UTC

# sensuctl entity list --namespace nonprod
              ID                Class    OS                          Subscriptions                                  Last Seen
 ───────────────────────────── ─────── ─────── ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ───────────────────────────────
  <REDACTED>   agent   linux   webserver,system,all,entity:<REDACTED>   2020-06-30 18:41:53 +0000 UTC
  sensu-agent-01                agent   linux   webserver,system,all,entity:sensu-agent-01                2020-07-01 17:37:56 +0000 UTC

Also attached are the screenshots for the UI view where we can see the events but not the entities in the nonprod namespace

This looks like an OSS local build based on the version string.

Did you build against master or a specific tag? Its unfortunate you didn’t encode the git commit sha into the version info. makes it difficult to know what commit you built against.

First thing you want to do is probably update your build process and make sure you are using the version of the build instructions in the repository README that include the build versioning. Especially the github commit SHA.

Without more information, I’m let assuming you are building against the tip of master, which is probably not what you want to do, unles you are looking for bugs, or trying to develop a bug fix to submit back as a pull request. if you aren’t comfortable troubleshooting bugs as you find them, maybe you want to first start with a build from a release tag checkout. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing people testing the bleeding edge of the OSS codebase, but its probably going to be a buggy experience, without a lot of other people who can help. The tip of master isn’t expected to be regression free.

Yeah this is definitely built against the master branch. I will build this against tag 5.21.0 instead and report if the issue persists. Thanks for the quick response

Was definitely a version issue. Recreating the commands from release 5.21 did the trick. My bad in assuming the master branch was up-to-date with the latest release. Thank you @jspaleta