Can we update subscriptions of entities via sensuctl

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I have been following and have setup a backend cluster for Sensu-go. Once everything is setup, i tried to update subscription of one of my agents (which is also a backend) through the sensuctl command from one of the backends via sensuctl entity update <ENTITY-ID> where i update the subscription list to add test subscription.

$ sensuctl entity update <ENTITY-ID>
? Entity Class: agent
? Subscriptions: webserver,all,entity:<ENTITY-ID>,test

Viewing the entity list again shows that the entity subscription was updated back to the original which was webserver,all,entity:<ENTITY-ID> even though the previous command showed that the entity was potentially updated.

I am trying to avoid manually adding subscription to agents because we have instances which we do not have access to all the time.

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As mentioned above, the setup is 3 backends in a cluster with 1 of the backend having its agent enabled. This is on CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 system.

$ sensu-backend version
sensu-backend version (devel)+ce, community edition, built with go1.13
$ sensu-agent version
sensu-agent version (devel)+ce, community edition, built with go1.13
$ sensuctl version
sensuctl version (devel)+ce, community edition, built with go1.13
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There was a closed Github issue but i feel the closure did not address the issue.

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@swapzero at this time, only proxy entities (i.e., entities that are not agents) can be updated via sensuctl. If you’re attempting to update an agent entity, that isn’t currently possible, as any time an agent entity returns a keep alive event, the changes you made via sensuctl will be removed. This is the same behavior as Sensu Classic, so nothing’s really changed in that regard.