Non interactive way to update new subscriptions in entities

I am trying to setup monitoring as code with sensuflow with integration to Jenkins. I have put sensuflow directory structure in a bitbucket repo and Jenkinsfile will checkout the repo and run the sensuflow script to update the sensu resources. We also have requirement where we want to add new subscriptions to the entity. Currently there is no non-interactive way to update entity subscriptions, sensuctl would give you prompt but I want to automate this process. I want to ask the community how they are going about this and is there a way to automate adding of new subscriptions in sensu go?

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Hi there @premvymo thanks for your post. Would love to hear more about how you’re using SensuFlow (perhaps as issues in In the interim, this plugin may be just what you’re looking for: sensu-entity-manager versions

The Entity Manager handler can leverage the output of an “auto discovery check” to automatically update entity subscriptions (or other metadata), using the new Entity PATCH API. Would love any feedback you might have after checking it out.

I hope this helps!

Hi @calebhailey we have bitbucket repo where we checks and handlers are placed. On Jenkins server, this repo is checked out then we run in a container to update the resources on the sensu-backend server. This way, we can add new checks with new subscription but how to add this new subscription on the entity using the same jenkins pipeline in an automated way?