Proxy entities, multiple namespaces, sensu-agent on a single namespace

New to Sensu here, and seems that even after reading documentation, I cannot get it right (and my approach might be mistaken from the go).

This is my setup:

  • VM1 which currently has sensu-backend, sensu-agent (on “default” namespace)
  • VM2 which currently has sensu-agent (on “default” namespace)

Now, I wanted to do URL monitoring of ~10 sites we have (doing PoC of the product). Upon first try, created everything on default namespace, and great, its working. Now, the next step is to split this 10 sites into 8 different namespaces, and avoid using the default one, and this is where things get weird.

  1. Created all new namespaces
  2. With same definition as the initial one which worked on default, updated the namespace of both entity and check, and applied those
  3. Noticed that assets are namespaced, so also got assets added to each namespace

Now, upon reviewing the events, there is nothing coming. Tried moving VM2 agent to one of the new namespace (non-default) and now those checks are working fine, but rest is not.

So, is this even possible? My goal was to:

  • get a fleet of 5 servers with sensu-agent on different locations we support (all in same namespace, for example “monitors”
  • get many namespaces, one per each application we want to monitor
  • on each namespace, have one or more proxy entity to check, plus one check (check-https.rb)

From my tests so far, it seems that we require one sensu-agent on each namespace in order to perform proxy checks on the same namespace, which pretty much makes my whole setup impossible. Is there something I am missing? can i use a sensu-agent in a “central” namespace, to be used on checks from multiple other namespaces?

If this is clear on any documentation, please point me there… and sorry for the long question.



Unfortunately as of now, agents are restricted to a single namespace.

Maybe its worth trying to understand your original goals with the namespacing and why keeping everything in a single namespace is insufficient for your workflow.