How to monitor multiple environments in sensugo

I install sensugo 5.12. I need to monitor Amazon instances and local cloud instances. I have crerated two more namespaces (No resource yet) but unable to view it on dashboard. I am using admin user. What I am missing. Please guide me.

@masifpak have you taken a look at our guides on They’re great resources and should help you understand the basic workflow for Sensu and how to monitor various resources.

Yes, I got through and good familiar with flow. There is no help regarding monitoring multiple namespaces.


So in the web-ui, on the home screen in the lower right hand section, you see a block that contains a list of the name spaces you have access to.

So when I log into my local sensu dashboard at the moment as the default admin user I see both “default” and “demo”
To switch from “default” to “demo” I just click demo

Alternatively I can enter the menu from any view via the top left menu icon and see a dropdown namespace selector, so I can switch namespace views that way.

Once i have “demo” selected all page views in the web ui correspond to the resources in the “demo” namespace until i switch back to “default”.

Hope this helps;

If you aren’t see the additional namespaces that you have created, we may need to review your ClusterRoles, Roles, and associated bindings to make sure the RBAC for the namespace is coherent and is allowing the access you expect.

Thanks for reply. Default admin user don’t have rights to manage multiple namespaces? can we create a cluster-role and cluster role binding to manage multiple namespaces?

I am doing as following.
sudo sensuctl cluster-role create clusterrole1 --verb get,list,delete,create --resource events,checks,entities
sudo sensuctl cluster-role-binding create cluster-role-binding1 --cluster-role=clusterrole1 --user admin --group=cluster-admins

Then I logged in using admin but there is only one default namespace
I also configured sensuctl with namespace different but response is same.

Thanks geeks. I had done it. Actually I was looking it in wrong place.