Global Catalog Sensu Flow (Feature Request)


Similar to my last post regarding global env secrets for all namespaces. When managing 30+ namespaces with sensu flow, it would be nice to utilize the default namespace as a global namespace where checks, filters, handlers, and mutators can live and be called from entities from within other namespaces.

Ideal Scenario:
Suppose a check has the same name and lives in the same directory. That check will take precedence over the check from the default namespace. The catalog of checks, handlers, mutators, & filters resides in the default namespace and is version controlled with sensu flow.

Current Scenario:
Currently, copying and managing versioning between checks that are often duplicates can be difficult to manage.

*Potentially an opt-in parameter that can be set within the sensu-backend on each cluster node.

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Interesting. So you would more or less want to merge the resources from a “template” namespace with a namespace specific set of resources, correct?

I would encourage you to submit this as an issue in the sensu-flow repository.

I wouldn’t want to merge per-say, as the default(global) namespace’s resources shouldn’t show up in a separate namespace. However, for the sake of managing 30+ namespaces its becomes tedious to copy and version control checks that are generally the same across namespaces. So if there’s a check named check_load in the default namespace with a subscription of /system/cpu/check_load, that’s the agent’s default. However, if there’s another check with the same subscription in that namespace, that would take precedence. Thank you, I create an issue in the repo.