Standalone checks in Sensu Go


I’m now reading through the Sensu Go documents to understand what’s changed since 1.x and what needs to be done to migrate our existing setup to the new version.

We have some standalone checks but apparently any doc mentions about standalone checks. Are they supported in Sensu Go?

Hello Maoe,

Standalone checks are not a feature that was brought over from Sensu Classic to Sensu Go.

Can you provide more details on your use case of them?

Sensu Go does have a new concept called namespaces that can be seen as a replacement for some of the workflows that standalone checks provided.

More details here:

I can provide an example once I have details on your current use of standalone checks.


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Hi Richard,

Can you provide more details on your use case of them?

Sure. We use them when

  • the check is unique to the machine, and/or
    • I feel uncomfortable a bit to clutter Sensu server config with machine-specific checks but probably it’s okay.
  • the check runs in a data center where Sensu server is only accessible over a slow VPN connection.
    • This reduces chattering from the server to clients over the VPN. The saving of traffic isn’t much big though.


Thanks for the additional details Mitsutoshi. I don’t see namespaces helping you with either of those uses cases unfortunately, as namespaces just control access to the checks and what users see when running sensuctl commands.

It would not allow check configuraiton to only live on the sensu-agent, as the sensu-backend will have to know about it to publish the check request.

It also won’t help with agent chatter, as again, the sensu-backend will have to publish to check request vs the model of stand alone checks in Sensu Classic being scheduled by the sensu client and only sending their results to Sensu server.


Thanks for your reply.

I’ll just use the standard check then.