Sensu entity and check namespaces conflicts?

Let’s say I have an entity defined in namespace “windows”. This entity happens to run a database server and checks for that database are defined in the “database” namespace.

Would users in the “database” namespace see this entity? Would they see only the database checks? Would users in the “windows” namespace see the database checks?



Right now entities are scoped inside of a single namespace and will only have access to checks scoped in the same namespace. So for an agent configured to be in the “windows” namespaces, there should be a database check inside of that namespace. You should consider creating a database subscription in the windows namespace, for the entity to subscribe to.

Maybe this will help you,…
I like to think of namespaces as firewalled off elements of an organization’s monitoring and compliance needs. Situations where RBAC comes into play to limit access. In a large horizontally scaled org, the namespaces may map to different teams of humans with different monitoring needs. Or in more centralized org, there may be a dedicated testing namespace, separate from production with a review process to promote changes from testing into production. In both of these situations, standing up namespaces to prevent interaction between environments has some value.

And I like to think of subscriptions inside of a namespace as a particular functional role.
So in your case I would create a database subscription inside the windows namespace, and make sure the entity includes the database subscription.

I hope this helps