Setup Influxdb handler for v2.4

We have a sensu setup for a large infra. We are running on sensu core 1.9 and have not updated to sensu go 6.8. We are trying to setup Influx DB handler for our influxdb database version 2.4, we currently cannot migrate our setup to sensu go immedietly and thus cannot use the latest influx db handler for sensugo. Can someone suggest or point me in the right direction.

For Influx DB v1.7 we are using an influx db handler where we are sending the data over UDP to port 8090 using udp type along with line protocol mutator and same config on influxdb.conf but we want the similar thing for influxdb v2.

Hi there,

Is this related to Sensu writes to Influx? If so, Sensu Core 1.9 is EOL and is nearly 3 years old at this point. Our suggestion would be to migrate to a supported version of Sensu, which does have a handler that works with Influxdb v2.