Unable to reach the server from Windows Client

I installed sensu version 0.18.1 from aws marketplace (https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00IK0INE2) and it installed alright.

Then I installed the windows sensu (1.3.1) on my local computer.

I created a check to see the cpu load. It is showing up in the sensu server, but I am getting all 0 values and the values are not showing anywhere else (like graphite).

Here is my client.json file:


"rabbitmq": {

"host": "xx.xx.xx.xx",

“port”: 5672,

“vhost”: “/sensu”,

“user”: “sensu”,

“password”: “xxxxx”


“client”: {

“name”: “windows-client”,

“address”: “”,

“environment”: “development”,

“subscriptions”: [



“socket”: {

“bind”: “”,

“port”: 3030






and the check_file.json


“checks”: {

“cpu_percent”: {

“command”: “c:\opt\sensu\embedded\bin\ruby C:\opt\sensu\embedded\lib\ruby\gems\2.4.0\gems\sensu-plugins-windows-2.4.0\bin\metric-windows-cpu-load.rb”,

“interval”: 30,

“type”: “metric”,

  "subscribers": [ "ALL" ]





I am a newbie and spent a lot of time tweaking the values. Any pointers will be appreciated!

Thanks a lot