Alerting solution

I’m looking for an alerting solution for Sensu to send its incidents to. My use case is basic, but it turns out to be harder to find software that meets the requirements listed below. Has anyone with the same needs found a suitable solution?

Must have:

  • Scheduling on-call shifts
  • Multiple alerting methods
  • Escalation policies if no acknowledgement (e.g. call after n minutes)

Nice to have:

  • Existing Sensu handler
  • Pushover alerting method
  • MessageBird alerting method
  • Self hosted
  • Open source

Software I’ve found so far:

  • Iris and Oncall (pro: great escalation policies integration, con: doesn’t seem to be very active)
  • GoAlert (pro: existing Sensu handler, con: very limited alerting methods)
  • Zenduty (con: not self hosted)
  • PagerTree (con: not self hosted)
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Have you looked at GoAlert?

I haven’t tried it myself, but the team came and presented on it at our last community summit:

I did, see the list in my post :slight_smile:

Oops, I missed that :smile: