Docs changes: Segmented sensuctl content, revised API doc headings, and added floating table of contents

We had a few substantial changes to the docs this week, including two content changes and one site functionality improvement.

Content changes:

  • We segmented the sensuctl reference content into five separate topics and removed the sensuctl quickstart.
  • We revised the headings in the API docs so that they describe what each endpoint does instead of reproducing part of the endpoint URL. For example, we revised /apikeys (GET) to Get all API keys.

Site functionality improvement:

  • We replaced the top-of-page tables of contents (TOCs) with a floating TOC in the right margin of the page. This floating TOC lists (and links) all of the H2-level headings on each page, marks your current position on the page, and floats along with you as you scroll.

If you have comments or questions, we’d love to hear them!

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