Brand new API documentation

As part of an ongoing rewrite of the Sensu documentation, the Sensu API documentation has been completely rewritten and published to the Sensu website this morning. Please note the following improvements:

  • Usage examples are now provided for every API endpoint (using curl)

  • Some API endpoints that were previously absent from the documentation are now fully documented, including the /results (POST) and /results/:client/:check (DELETE)

  • The oft confusing Health/Info API docs have been combined into a single reference document

  • The Stashes API now has a corresponding reference doc providing an actual specification for Sensu Stashes!

  • These documentation improvements are intended to set the stage for a broader discussion around overall Sensu API improvements. Stay tuned for more info there in the coming weeks, and please don’t hesitate to participate in that discussion if you have feedback and/or suggestions
    Check out the new API docs today!

  • API Overview

  • Clients API

  • Checks API

  • Results API

  • Events API

  • Aggregates API

  • Stashes API

  • Health & Info API

  • API Configuration
    PS - There’s a lot of new content available here, so I won’t be surprised if we added a few papercuts along the way. Please post any issues/suggestions in