Docs changes: Reorganized API documentation

We reorganized the documentation in the API category! Rather than listing the API docs all together in a single category, we arranged them into sub-categories based on API route.

As a result, the API docs are now organized into three sub-categories:

  • Core API: endpoints for Sensu events and resources
  • Enterprise APIs: endpoints for Sensu’s commercial features
  • Other APIs: endpoints for basic authentication, metrics, health, and more

We also renamed the API docs pages by their routes. For example, the APIkeys API page is now named core/v2/apikeys.

Here’s a quick before-and-after to show what changed.


Previously, all pages were listed within a single API category, in alphabetical order and by page title based on the endpoint:


Now, the API pages are divided into sub-categories and named based on their endpoint routes. In this screenshot, the Core API sub-category is expanded to show the list of core/v2 endpoints: