Sensu docs digest for March 2021

Welcome to the March docs digest! We had three patch releases this month, with important bug fixes that affect the SIGHUP signal used for log rotation, validation for POST/PUT requests for enterprise API endpoints, and PostgreSQL round robin scheduling.

Plus, there’s a new five-point scale at the bottom of every page in the docs! You can let us know which pages are helpful (or not so helpful) with one click.


:star_struck: New and updated content in March

:1st_place_medal: Most popular docs in March

:passenger_ship: March releases

If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions, please pass it along to us! Comment here on Discourse, post in the community Slack, or open a docs issue.

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Just a heads up – we moved the five-point feedback scale to the top of the right sidebar on each page. It’s no longer at the bottom of the page.

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