Unknown Status Codes

Hey all, after upgrading some windows plugins asset, I started to get unknown status code on most of windows servers checks (not all of them related to the plugin I upgraded).

Now when using rerun i sometimes get the check to work but the next check return to unknown status code like that -

Anyone has idea what can it be ? it happened on all windows servers with several checks, somewhat agent restart worked on one server but doesn’t help on others

In addition i found some weird logs in agent logs - read udp use of closed network connection

Hey there. I’m not sure what the status code actually infers. Googling it seems to indicate that there could be an issue with the type of account that is running the script (e.g., SYSTEM vs local admin). It’d be helpful to know what version of Sensu you’re running (agent & backend). I don’t know that I’d be particularly concerned about the :8125 errors unless you’re using Statsd on Windows.

Hey Thanks for replying :slight_smile:
Im not using the Statsd on windows so i will ignore those errors.
regarding sensu version -
backends - 6.6
agents - 6.3-6.6

Looks like changing the user who run the service fix this.
I changed service logon from local system to my user and now its running ok, strange