Moving from free to community

Hi all,

within the last days I moved to sensu go. I just followed the documentation and everything went pretty perfect till I reached the 100 entitys. Then I recognized that I’m not using the open source / community version.
To switch, I compiled the backend binary and exchanged the binary. But It seems that was not enough. Even though the warning massage disappeared for some days it’s now back. So what do I need to do to switch to the unlimited community version? In case I need to completely reinstall, can I just do a “sensuctl dump” and import that again later?

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Hi Kai,

I’d recommend to double check the sensu-backend version you are currently running, which can be obtained via the sensu-backend version command.

Where do you see the warning messages? If you do see them within the Web UI, I would also recommend you to clear your browser cache and temporary files for the dashboard URL, just to make sure.

Hi palourde,

thanks for your answer!
I’m using
sensu-backend version 5.17.1, build 50b2c99e444ff3a0a3b2a6fbd58de988bccbbb9a, built 2020-01-31T19:27:14Z

I cleared the browser cache and also used a browser where i never visited the site before. I still get the message “We noticed you’ve reached the free usage limit of 100 entities. Please visit to learn more (including pricing)”.

Can there be something in my configuration telling Sensu that I want to use the commercial version?


OK, im also getting an error if I try to add something using sensuctl:
“This functionality requires a valid Sensu Go license with a sufficient entity limit. To get a valid license file, arrange a trial, or increase your entity limit, contact Sales.”

Hi @TheChosenOne

The sensu-backend binary against which you ran the version command is definitely coming from our commercial distribution. Make sure you properly replaced the binary and that there’s no configuration management tool or something else that keeps replacing the binary.

Also, if you installed Sensu via your distribution package manager, maybe a packages upgrade occurred, which also caused the Sensu packages to get upgraded, and therefore replace your binary? If so, you should uninstall it and then manually deploy your own version.

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