Introducing usage limits in the Sensu Go free tier

We’ve introduced a formal free tier in Sensu Go — you’re now able to use supported (Sensu built and tested) packages for Sensu Go up to 1,000 entities (note: while this does not include all enterprise features, it does include features not available in the OSS version, such as the web UI homepage dashboard). As a free tier user, beginning May 9, 2019, you’ll be presented with a notice when you exceed the usage limit of 1,000 entities. This notice will appear as a banner in your Sensu web UI, and will prompt you to choose a path: upgrade to a paid tier for Sensu Go or compile Sensu Go from source to pursue the fully OSS Sensu Go path.

For now, the 1,000 entity limit is not a hard one — your monitoring won’t suddenly stop working if you exceed 1,000 entities — but you will be prompted by a persistent banner. Please note that we may revisit both the hard limit and the maximum number of entities; if we do, we’ll be sure to update the Sensu Community in Slack as well as Discourse. As always, we value community feedback, and we’ll take your input into account as we refine this tier or make changes going forward.

With these new usage limits, we aim to consistently ship a product that works well, with the right customer relationship in place in order to empower you to be successful no matter the size of your infrastructure. We chose this entity limit as — based on what we’ve seen with our community — it creates a logical boundary of where our paid tier can truly be beneficial for scaling Sensu Go.

Ready to get started? Head to our downloads page to get up and running with Sensu Go. Questions? Drop us a line in the Sensu Community Slack#sensu-go or DM me (@portertech) or Anna Plotkin (@Anna Plotkin). Thanks for joining us on this journey!